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Goldstone Capital Investment knowledgeable team provides the first-class mortgage services, that you have never experienced. Our core strengths are valuable sources, personal touch and unique products, which play an important role in achieving our client’s goals. 

Underwriting/Doc Drawing/Funding - All-In-One House 


Buying a House
Luxury Mansion Interior
  • ​Pre-approval Letter - YES

  • F-1 Visa EAD, H-1/L1 Visa - YES

  • 5% Down, Loan to $1MM, No MI - YES

  • 10% Down, Loan to $2MM, No MI - YES

  • 20% Down, Stated Income Loan - YES

  • 35% Down, Foreign National Loan - YES

  • New house, Pre-Lock rate 12 Mons - YES

  • RSU, Future Income, Assets Income - YES

  • New Graduates/Doctor program - YES        以下条件可以拿到低利率大额贷款:

  • 新移民不到两年短期信用记录 (信用分数680,20% 头款可贷款$150万元。

  • F-1 签证,EAD,H-1/L1 身份的外国人。

  • 低头款5%买百万豪宅,无需贷款保险。

  • 债务收入比例(DTI)达50%。

  • 建商贷款伙伴,购买预售屋可提前6-12月锁定贷款利息

  • 新新毕业生及医生药剂师特别专案

  • 不查收入贷款:20%头款,首付,费用及储备金都可以使用赠与款

  • 外国人贷款:35%头款,首付,费用及储备金都可以使用赠与款。

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